A useful marketing strategy is to regularly show appeciation to all the clients and contacts who have supported and helped your business in some way.

One way to say 'thank you' is to share useful information.

With that in mind, I'd like to thank my own subscribers in 31 countries who kindly allow me to share my marketing ideas with them.

And here's a fun bonus I think you will find useful.

It's a short booklet called "Smart Marketing Volume 6" 

 This booklet contains 9 super simple marketing strategies that you can use to improve your sales and profits.  These strategies include... 

 Marketing with samples (pages 3-4)

 How to make networking really work  (pages 5-6)

 The power of MOT to create delighted clients (pages 9-10)

 The marketing power of a memorable message and how to create one (pages 19-20)

 A clever way to get appointments with key decision makers (pages 17-18)

 And much, much more.

 I summarise each strategy in around 1-2 pages so each one is very quick and easy to read.

 Smart Marketing Volume 6 is  my gift to you and you can download a copy in convenient PDF format by right clicking on this link. SMV6 Click

Each strategy has a simple action  step to help you put it into action in your own business.

I trust you find some value from this booklet and look forward to any comments or feedback you have on it.

Kind regards

Graham  McGregor

PS: If you haven’t already done so, make sure you get a free copy of my 396 page E-Book ‘The Unfair Business Advantage Report.’ This contains tested sales and marketing strategies from 32 business experts in 5 countries.  The result is a treasure trove of proven strategies to boost sales, increase profits and give your business a completely ‘Unfair’ Business Advantage.

Here’s what one reader had to say about this E-Book...

“You can’t read this amazing report without finding at least a dozen million dollar ideas!” 
Robert G. Allen. New York Times Best Selling Author

You can get your copy of this remarkable guide at no charge by registering your name and email address at www.TheUnfairBusinessAdvantage.com

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